These are my visual works.

Since my profession is actually making corporate films and 2D-animations this page should rather be the significant part of this website. But life has various routes to offer and I took the one leading to sound, at least my heart did. So when I have spare time I am also working on music videos or av-installations, sometimes with the help of very talented people working as 3D-artists, directors of photography, actors or free artists.

Here you will find a selection of visual works –  some are animated graphics, some are filmed. It is quite difficult to develop visual scenery for abstract music. So there are lots of different ideas to be found here. And still there is a lot to do for the upcoming projects … when there is some spare time.


Frau erblickt gelang- weiltes Pferd

Release Date: May 2021

This is a surreal music video of “Frau erblickt gelangweiltes Pferd” taken from the album “Eldorado”. A bored horse is hypnotizing a woman on a ranch.


Release Date: August 2020

This is the third project of my sound to light installation series. Mimik deals with basic facial expressions. Each expression alters with the given ambience that the lights offer. There are four lights that react to four sound sources which are provided by a modular system. So the sound is literally playing the light. Thanks to the four actors of 12 Stufen Theater.
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Release Date: March 2020

This video is an a/v installation performed with my friends of Puppenschiff. At first there is an improvised music piece I have performed with my portable modular system. The sound is driving four lights that react to the amplitude of the outputs. The two puppet artists performed a short version of Faust from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe with four puppets. So in the end we have created a vanguard version of a classical masterpiece.
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Release Date: October 2019

This video is an installation based on an improvised music piece I have performed with my modular system. Everything you see is placed and arranged by hand. No CG. The lighting is based on a formation of four lights that react to the four main sounds used in the music piece (Drum 1, Drum 2, Voice, Noise and sampled Field Recordings).

Vactrol Berserk

Release Date: May 2018

Taken from my EP “Analog Computation”.


Release Date: April 2016

This track is taken from the EP “Mikrodynamik”. Motion design was created by Fabian Pietrek.

Nothing but Data

Release Date: March 2016

This track was taken from the album “Supervision”. The visual design was made by Fabian Pietrek.


Release Date: February 2015

Taken from the vast 64 track compilation “OKTANT”.


Release Date: July 2013

Taken from the vast 64 track compilation “OKTANT”.


Release Date: May 2013

Music video for the “Kontakt Panorama” EP that hasn’t been released, yet. It was created in collaboration with auf drei, wasted frames and 12 Stufen Theater.


Release Date: April 2013

sysEx was one of my first animated 3D-graphics for sound. This video is highly hypnotic. Be careful.